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Our Process

We wish to keep things simple and so our process is broken down into four simple steps:

Step One: Initial Enquiry

The starting point for any sound advice is to fully discuss your requirements.

We will gather some basic facts about your financial circumstances and establish what your key preferences are. We may not ask for documents at this stage however it may be useful for you to have some of the documents mentioned on our Mortgage Services page to hand as it will help to improve the accuracy of our research.

Step Two: Explanation Meeting

Once we have completed some basic research, we will invite you to an initial free no obligation virtual appointment via Microsoft Teams or we can discuss things over the phone or via email.

We will provide you with relevant mortgage costings and indicate to you how confident we are of securing the required mortgage for you. We will also explain how we get paid and provide this in writing for you to take away and consider.

Step Three: Submission of the Mortgage Application

Once you have chosen a mortgage deal, we can provide you with access to our upload portal where you can securely send us your documents. When we have received everything, we will process the application on your behalf and project manage everything from submission through to completion.

Our aim then, with the vast majority of lenders, is to have your mortgage fully approved and subject to a satisfactory valuation within 10 working days.

Some cases are more complex and some lenders are not as efficient with their processing. This is something to factor in when making a decision over which lender to proceed with.

Our Mortgage Advisors are assisted by an Advisor Support Team who work on your behalf to ensure your case progresses as smoothly and as quickly as possible.

Step Four: Completion and Future Review

Our role does not end once your mortgage offer has been issued, we are always available to assist you with any matters upto, and even after you mortgage has completed.

After completion, you may receive a courtesy call to check that you were happy with our overall service. We will then try and contact you several months prior to the end of you mortgage scheme so that you have ample time to review your options.

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