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About Us

The Beginning

During the summer of 1991, our founding directors, Kevin Oliver and David Jones joined forces to form what is now known as Oliver Jones Associates Limited.

Our mission from the outset was simple – “to provide quality advice and look after our clients.”

We strongly believe that if we try to look after our clients and prioritise what is best for them, they in turn will look after us as they continue to use and recommend our services.

The Present

Staying true to our mission means that the vast majority of our customers come back to us to use our services again and again. In increasing numbers we are recommended to our clients' family, friends and work colleagues, all heavily contributing to our expanding database of over 10,000 clients.

We have always tried to put care and honesty before our profit margin. Our expertise and professionalism are recognised by a number of industry contacts who choose to refer their clients to us. These include Estate Agents, Solicitors, Accountants and Financial Advisors.

Hence, we at Oliver Jones Associates Limited feel that we have been true to our initial mission.

Trust us to put you first.

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