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Phil Young.

PHIL YOUNG – Senior Mortgage Consultant

Phil was born in Hertfordshire in 1964 and was educated at Alleynes Grammar School where he obtained a Geography degree from Huddersfield Polytechnic. His mortgage career began in 1985 working for the Bradford & Bingley for 20 years ( all over the North of England ) before joining Oliver Jones Associates Ltd in 2005. He holds all the required qualifications.

Having moved house over 10 times he is well versed in the stresses and strains that are involved in the mortgage process and is keen to make life easy for his clients.

He is a very keen sportsman and still plays competitive golf at Rushcliffe Golf Club, hockey for The Nottingham Hockey Club & tennis at Mapperley Park Tennis Club. He has 2 sons & 1 grandson who keep him on his toes!

“My aim is to make the mortgage process as simple as possible for my clients and keep it stress free for them & me!”

You can contact Phil directly on the following email address  –

There is also a general contact mobile number of 07795 017136